Let us present some of the Case Studies we are proud of

Health Cloud implementation in private clinique in Europe

CLIENTPrivate Clinique in Europe. 
CHALLENGEThe client has been in business still 14 years and has millions of records in the IT system. Examinations, prescriptions, laboratory tests, etc. The current system works on a server in the client’s premises.
The client wants a Cloud solution, to provide 24/7 work and with applications on mobile phones. 
SOLUTIONOur consultants implemented Salesforce Health Cloud in Clinic, giving users full benefits of using Cloud Solution, and also, giving them access to patient’s data by utilizing the mobile application. 
CONCLUSIONThe client was very happy with the implemented solution and was especially happy with data migration from the Legacy system to Salesforce Health Cloud, in a way that they were able to start immediately using SF Health Cloud with all the data they already have. 

Business analysis for big Telecom client in Europe

CLIENTLarge telecom provider in Europe
CHALLENGEThe client is the biggest telecom provider in Europe and wants to utilize some software to improve Sales. New software shall be connected and seamlessly integrated with the current system. The client needs the software recommendations along with an estimate of time and price for the implementation. 
SOLUTIONOur consultants condemned and analyzed the client’s Sales and Marketing processes and mapped them to the Salesforce functionalities. Starting from gathering requirements, and creating documents about the current state, future, state, gap analysis, and connection with surrounding IT systems. Eventually, we created created project documentation proposing a solution, the number of licenses, and the time frame for the project to be done. 
CONCLUSIONThe client received project documentation based on which he will decide whether to purchase additional software to improve sales or not. If he decides to buy, then he knows how much it will cost him, and what the implementation time is. The client was also informed that licenses are renewed every year

Salesforce Administration and Development for Stock Exchange Company

CLIENTLarge Stock exchange in USA
CHALLENGEThe client already has 2 running instances of Salesforce and wants to merge them into one. The client also acquired one big Canadian company utilizing Oracle CRM, and therefore all data from Oracle CRM shall be imported into Salesforce, UI from Oracle CRM shall be mirrored into Salesforce and users shall be taught to continue the work in Salesforce
SOLUTIONAt the beginning, our consultant performed business analysis and created functional diagrams for 2 divisions by the client, to get a clear picture of how to join 2 Salesforce instances. Also, object mapping was done, and after that data was uploaded from one instance into another. In transitioning ORACLE CRM data, processes, and users to work on Salesforce, we engaged BAs, Salesforce Developers, and QA’s.  
CONCLUSIONAfter the end of the project, just one Salesforce instance was running, all data were kept and the client’s staff didn’t realize they were on just one instance of Salesforce. Also, all data from Oracle CRM were imported into Salesforce and Oracle users were successfully moved to continue the work in Salesforce