Picking the right system is crucial for any size medical practice. zClinic  is software developed in our company, it keeps your Medical office running consistently and smoothly.
zClinic  allows users to capture patient demographics, schedule appointments, maintain examinations, perform alert tasks, generate reports and many more Medical related tasks as well.


These are the most important functions of zClinic

Comparative Analysis of Patient's Medical History

With option to store patient's medical history, and all data measured on examinations, zClinic is an ideal platform to show comparative analysis of patientsí health during the time and course of successful treatment. The various parameters specific to this feature include, complete patients' history, examinations, laboratory results etc.


zClinic  comes with 50 various reports, regarding to patients, drugs prescription, drugs utilization, earnings, and so on.

Enables Searching Suitable Drug

zClinic  allows import of drugs from various manufacturers, and you can search an ideal drug for the patient applying various options, such as drug name, manufacturer's name, dosage name, indications, group name, Contra-Indications, and any other details of the drug or the brand while writing the prescription etc.

HIPPA compliancy

zClinic   is HIPPA compliant software. You can host  zClinic in yours clinic, on yours computers, or you can let us host your software on reliable Internet Service Providers, who are licensed for hosting medical software and fulfill HIPPA rules.

Enables Searching Suitable Supplement

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zClinic  allows import of supplements from various manufacturers, and you can search an ideal supplement for the patient applying various options, such as designation, treatments or the brand while performing examination.