Software development

Web  - Windows - Mobile  


Our team of IT specialists will make for you  applications tailored for your needs.

The first step is gathering requirements and create project, in order to calculate time and money for your software to be done.

We offer two most common and effective development methodologies: waterfall and agile

In the Design phase, by using various tools we create design of database, screen forms and reports.
After your approval and signed project documentation we move forward on next step -

We master all levels of software complexity and provide quality solutions on the following technologies:

Frontend and desktop: .NET, Java, PHP, ASP.NET, HTML5, CSS3, MS Acccess

Mobile: iOS, Android, Windows Phone

Back end - Databases: Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Azure

In Verification phase we are doing hard testing: load balancing and stress testing, tuning your application to give maximum performance.

We do also provide training for end users by our trainers and by creating short movies by using Camtasia Studio.

Our company also provides to our customers maintenance and further development, by adding new functions and features.  


Insert your old data into your new software

Having brand new software is great, but often not enough. You have your old data, and tones of records about your customers, goods, invoices, and you want to have them in your new software.

It is not easy job, since in most cases structure of your new database and tables inside, is different regarding to your previous data formats (MS Access, Excel, Word).

We have great experience in ETL (extract - transform - load) and we are looking forward to help you inserting your existing data in your new software application.

MS Access development / go to Web

Either you want brand new MS Access application or to improve / enhance your existing one application made in MS Access (version 2000 and higher) our highly skilled MS Access software engineers will help you got it.

Also, if you need to make your MS Application more robust, we can do that for you, by replacing MS Access database engine, with some other database engine. Our customers often go for MS SQL express (free of charge edition of MS SQL Server).  

You have MS Access application, working good but as the times goes by, you realized you have to go web. Thatís why we are here, to help you find out the best and fastest way doing that.



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